GQ Spain proposed to me a fashion film with the inspiration of the popular book “50 shades of grey”, but it’s clear to me that in a contemporary sexual relationship a kiss hides more than a tongue.

Brands in order of appearance:
Assaad Awad, Gucci, Boss, Christian Dior, Valentino, Agent Provocateur, Christian Louboutin, Nelsy Chelala, Lily Blossom, Hackett, Aristocrazy, Hublot.


Direction & Story: Álvaro de la Herrán
GQ Fashion Director: Sara Padilla
She: Marina Jamieson
He: Garrett Neff
D.O.P: Jose Luis Salomón
Stylism: Inma Barandica & María M. Folla
Make-up & Hair: Mauro Saccoccini
Music & Sounds: Your Nemesis / Pete Diggens
Sound Designer: Steve Miller
Editor: Álvaro de la Herrán
Colorist: Anne Szymkowiak
Production: © Ipodermix Studio

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival ( July 26th – 27th 2013)
International Fashion Film Awards 2013 (Best Director Nomination)

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Starting today, you can also see the film “MINE” in this Madrid exhibition because of the 20th anniversary of GQ Spain.


The fashion film for GQ Magazine has millions of viewers in more than 150 countries. Sexy.


“Mine”  received the nomination as best director in the International Fashion Film Awards.


Interview for CANAL + Spain in a program focused on fashion films as new editorial and branded content. The program include “Mine” and “Alumbramiento” among others films.