Álvaro de la Herrán started in the cinema world at the age of 17. After passing his BSc in Information and Advertising he spent two years at the Madrid Film School, already starting to shoot their projects in 35mm.

Álvaro spent some time working as a photographer and exploring black and white and other laboratory techniques. Later, he directed, wrote and produced three short films that received eleven international awards: “Jazzoo”, “Business” (represented in more than 100 festivals and selected in the Palm Spring Festival) and “It’s better with mustard” (selected in the 50th SEMINCI).

During that time he was also involved with a few music bands and jazz musicians who allowed him to experiment in a more abstract and emotional fashion as sax player. Life with them was an inspiration to him and a great learning experience. With his background in photography, advertising, film and music and, after developing various fictional and documentary projects, in 2006, interested in digital media, he started working on novel audiovisual formats.

His work tends to balance both emotional and symbolic approaches; by combining visualisation, his love for narrative and actors, as well as a sensitive regard for aesthetics and evocative soundtracks, he has achieved elegant and fascinating results.

In the last years, he excelled in his work with fashion, collaborating over the years with magazines like GQ, Vogue Italia and Elle . His work has been featured in numerous festivals around the world and organizations like American Cinematheque Los Angeles, the Balenciaga Museum, the Diane Pernet’s ASVOFF Festival and Canal +. He has worked for clients such as Nike, Volvo, Range Rover, Movistar, NH, Ripley, Evax, Yoox, Eric Bompard and Hoss Intropia.